Hyperscale Data Access: Peaxy

| May 2, 2016

It doesn’t matter how much data you have if you can’t work with it. More data is more valuable–it enables better solutions derived from advanced analytics–but only if you have full access to it. To integrate the business you must have frictionless control over the dataset.

However, traditional data systems in use today often isolate data in silos and provide access to just one type of data at a time. Even with a data management layer, only 10% of the data can be accessed while 90% sits idle and untapped. These systems were not built for today’s world in which access to all data at once has become a business imperative.

The Peaxy® Hyperfiler® is a data aggregation, search and access platform for unstructured data—the first software-defined, hyper-scale data platform for advanced analytics. Gartner defines advanced analytics as the ability “to produce insights that traditional approaches to business intelligence (BI)—such as querying and reporting are unlikely to discover.”*

In particular, the Hyperfiler fills a surging need for data management of unstructured data in the engineering environment. Its use can accelerate growth across the product development value chain—smart services, predictive maintenance, large-scale Internet of Things (IOT), advanced 3D imaging, design re-use, remote monitoring.

Category: Life Sciences

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