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| June 3, 2017


The pace of innovation is accelerating faster than most people realize. Leadership is realizing that horizons have shrunk from 5-10 years to 18mo to 3 years. In order to stay relevant, customers are wanting to explore new technologies and new markets in a more agile way, that makes them a part of the process. Convetit is helping large companies assemble purpose-built advisory teams on narrow subjects of interest in just days, all online. Convetit is partnering with consulting companies and information technology companies, that want to help their clients explore transformational innovations  and as a result pull through more consulting revenue as well as augment their own services.

The accelerated pace of change within industries shaping the future – Life Sciences, Industrial, CPG, Energy & Transport, IT, Defense, Education – is requiring companies to make high-stake decisions and innovate more rapidly. This has created a huge latent demand where business leaders need quick access to diverse perspectives on markets, technologies, and competition. Existing methods of gathering and distilling expert insights cost too much and take too long. Convetit’s mission is to accelerate the pace at which leaders generate and access quality insights on topics that will shape their future.


Problems Convetit is solving:

Companies need to innovate faster to be competitive. Traditional research and consulting no longer achieve results:

  1. Effort, Time and Cost to gain relevant first hand learnings
  2. Access to teams of very narrowly defined expert insights
  3. People don’t learn from reports, Convetit produces experiential first hand learning direct from the source.


Convetit Capabilities

There are 2 Enterprise Solutions

  1. Matching clients to the right mix of experts – Convetit is the only company capable of sourcing 30+ applicants from custom teams of experts from across the web on any subject in just days….on average only 26% of applicants come from the Convetit platform ensuring the most relevant experts every time. Through a process of screening, and contracting applicant are then shortlisted and presented for both facilitators and clients to pick their dream team.
  2. The Science of Engagement – Real time in-app training, Intelligent tools and round the clock quality monitoring practices ensure 3rd party professional moderators are able to yield the absolute most from the teams of selected experts. Experts also experience in app tools, offline welcome communications and check-in calls, as well as rich gamification to ensure a win-win experience.
  3. Timely, high quality, actionable deliverables – Custom design of key insights and reports result in polished delivery of executive & detailed qualitative and quantitative data. From white papers to info graphics, reports are developed per the scope of each engagement.


Convetit creates 2 types of “Virtual Advisory Boards” for enterprise customers

  1. Discovery Boards – Track fast moving or disruptive markets, or technologies trends over
  2. Design Sprints –Facilitated design thinking session over four days yield clear recommendations

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