Biotech: Targeson

| September 2, 2013

Targeson Inc. is a molecular imaging company focused on developing targeted ultrasound imaging agents to detect and monitor serious diseases. Molecular imaging improves detection of disease even before the onset of clinical symptoms, and can monitor response to therapeutic treatment. The company’s technology is based on proprietary acoustically active microspheres, which enable researchers to identify diseases at the molecular level using portable and cost-efficient ultrasound imaging technology that generates immediate images.  Targeson has a sustainable business in the academic research market to generate revenue and leverage the technology for its clinical product development program.

Targeson’s technology encompasses microscopic spheres that greatly enhance the ultrasound imaging signal. Targeson has derivatized these microbubbles with appropriate ligand molecules to detect molecular markers of disease through a technique known as molecular imaging. The agents are gas-encapsulated microbubbles that, when coated with specific targeting ligand molecules, can adhere to molecular markers of disease. This enables Targeson’s agents to bind to, for example, newly formed blood vessels (angiogenesis) supporting the growth of cancer cells within the body. Ultrasound imaging is then used to detect the targeted agents, and thus to identify and quantify the disease.

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